S.N. (PA)

Not completely familiar with the concept of energy healing, I chose to have my first session with Heather this past summer. I may have been skeptical, but I was open and ready for something new. After the first healing I had, I was amazed at how much lighter I felt, as if the weight of stress I had been carrying had been somehow released. I walked out of the experience feeling taller, with a better understanding of myself. At each visit, there are self discoveries and extraordinary insights to be had and she consistently provides me with tools and a workable plan I can easily manage in my day to day life. Heather is dedicated to her clients enough so that she makes herself available at a moments notice. She’s more than a healer. She’s a friend I can rely on for exploration of past experiences good and bad, and to help open my mind to future possibilities.

F.N. (PA)

Heather is my friend and healer. With a tranquil and spiritual peace, her healings open my heart and soul and give me a new perspective that is grounded and enlightened. 

N.Y. (PA)

I have been curious about Heather’s healing techniques, but it wasn’t until I received an impromptu reading myself that I really understood the peace of mind that it can bring. My family and I don’t need to understand how she does what she does. We’re just grateful she does it. 

S.A. (PA)

I can't tell you how amazing the last few days have been. I've been doing my exercises, writing down my dreams and practicing the tools that you gave me. You're a true blessing!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, gifts and talents!

If you would like to learn or explore how intuitive energy healing may help you in creating your New Normal in health and wellness, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to learning of your goals and to discussing whether a consultation or healing would be of value. I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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