Restorative Healings

Health and Wellness Coaching +

Not local? Not a problem… Remote healings are accomplished successfully via phone or through video conferencing. 
Rest & Reset Reiki Session 

Reiki sessions are a gentle means to balance energy and release energetic blockages. The chakras are cleansed and realigned. While the experience can vary for many, it is most often found to be viewed both restorative and effortlessly meditative. 

45-minute session: $45

Restorative Healings

Each Restorative Healing is different, be it in form or substance. Guided by intuition, a healing may include other complementary modalities and intuitive tools. Scheduled sessions, 90 min in length, begin with a Rest & Reset Reiki Session, and close with an extensive review of any insights and interpretations received. These sessions are uniquely designed to leave individuals with a comprehensive healing experience that leaves them refreshed in mind, relaxed in body and renewed in spirit.

90-minute session: $110

Couples Restorative Healings are also available. Please call or email for more information. 

Health & Wellness Coaching (+)

Health & Wellness Coaching is available to those who are committed to their own journey of self-healing and discovery. Regular and on-going support is provided in addition to bundled healing services relevant to their individual wellness goals. If you are interested in exploring Coaching services, please schedule an initial Restorative Healing.


“…my friend and healer… her healings open my heart and soul…”

If you would like to learn or explore how intuitive energy healing may help you in creating your New Normal in health and wellness, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to learning of your goals and to discussing whether a consultation or healing would be of value. I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Phone: 610-704-5154

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