• Heather Browne

Feeling creative…

The Legacy of Lost and Found

A lost Starman,

Amongst timeless others…

Not Knowing

His breath changes the World.

Having Existed in belief,

The Truths almost forgotten;

He hears a faint cry.

Like a whisper in the dark.

From a creature not yet Known; yet somehow familiar.

Reminding him of home.

Though a Home not remembered.

It’s the Angel’s cries he hears.

For as Dark Energy works to expand the Universe

And all it’s potential,

So must the light.

As without one, the other does not exist.

With Hope in the form of Angels

Starman turns to the infinite sky

Looking Above, Below and Around him.

His divine matter filled with the beacons that call,

For a moment complete with clarity;

He is,

And always has been

A Champion of Light.

A glimpse of the limitless Universe is his Reward.

As is the promise of Home.

The journey continues…

Heather Harrison Browne

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