Restorative Healings

Health and Wellness Coaching+

Restorative Healings

Health and Wellness Coaching +


Heather has served as a public policy advocate and marketer throughout her adult life. Challenged with auto immune and inflammatory issues for nearly four decades, and having faced permanent disability, she has created for herself a New Normal by working with varied complimentary care modalities, which include energy and intuitive healing modalities.


Now dedicated to sharing her experience and best practices with others in ways that make sense in today’s noisy world, Heather is a Reiki provider, Restorative Healer and Health & Wellness Intuitive Coach. Heather also provides Consultancy services for both public and private organizations who are looking for fresh insights into their project advocacy goals and team building practices.

Heather’s approach to energy and intuitive work are grounded in an understanding that traditional medical research is forever-evolving and that each exciting discovery fuels further evolution. Increasingly better recognized and often supported by scientific research through Cognitive, Behavioral Health and Chronic Disease,  healing paradigms are rapidly growing and  becoming more mainstream. Often considered Alternative or as an adjunct to traditional medicine, Heather’s personal journey is just one amongst countless others, that demonstrate the value of an open mind and the potential for life changing wisdom based wellness.  Heather utilizes numerous modalities on behalf of those she works with. Some examples include though are not limited to energy work, intuitive guidance and sound/frequency/aroma therapies.  


Heather is celebrating 17 years of marriage with her husband, Pat. Together, they share four children; Alex, Ernie, Lily, and Cat; the former, the only one without a tail.  Heather grew up in the Greater Lehigh Valley area and now lives with her husband in Allentown, PA.  She is the facilitator of the Greater Lehigh Valley Fibromyalgia Fellowship Group, which gathers monthly to share wellness tools to those challenged with Fibro and its many assorted disorders. 


“…my friend and healer… her healings open my heart and soul…”

If you would like to learn or explore how intuitive energy healing may help you in creating your New Normal in health and wellness, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to learning of your goals and to discussing whether a consultation or healing would be of value. I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Phone: 610-704-5154

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